has anyone used the EZX10RF?


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Has anyone out there tried out the EZX10RF?
I was considering adding another serial expander and a W800 antenna to my ELK M1G to pick up X10 motion sensors and remotes, but this seems like a much cheaper and easier solution. It also seems like this will negate the need to upgrade my Insteon wireless bridge to the new receiver versions. Am I asking too much of this device?
The first thing I noticed is this device transmits the RF commands through the power line. Most of us here purchased the W800 just so we can keep those types of signals off of our power line.
I haven't used it, but have read some pretty poor reviews of it. You might want to do a search on techmall.com, or post this same question there - a few users on there have one I believe.
I have one and have had mixed results. The link management utility was not working when I got mine and I'm not sure the latest version of the SimpleHomenet utility has been able to fx the problem. I managed to get around this using PowerHome but then had issues where a light would get stuck on.

To be fair, this could be due to my using 2 motion detectors (at each end of the hall) to control 1 light, but for now I have stopped using it completely. I don't kow if I will try again with the latest utility or just sell it and get a W800RF32A and hook it to my M1. (Or just quit messing with X10 RF... it never quite works out for me).
My EZX10RF with the latest Simplehomenet utility V1.4 still goes to la la land and will not respond to anything. The Status LED is also off. If I do a 'Restore Factory Configuration ;untill I disconnect the AC to EZX10RF. At this piont I would wait before investing in one untill things are cleared up.
The W800RF has a proven track record, especially with the M1, so I would stick with that.