Having trouble reconfiguring my HikVision HDDS-HD1 doorbell camera


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Have had it working for a long time and reset it to change networks. In hindsight I should have tried tools to change it without reset - might have saved a lot of trouble. Have an old android phone without cell service and Hik-Connect 4.2. I gets partway through and somewhat works but in the end it fails. I don't see a chance to configure chime, etc. Quickstart shows two ways of setup - one using scan of a qr code and one putting the doorbell in access point mode. Not clear if these do essentially the same thing.



I am using one of these with HikVision firmware. Works fine for me. Not using Android here. Only Windows to program it.

Have a read here:

Hikvision Doorbell 101

Mine is using:

HikVision FW build 200321

To tweak it using

Hikvision Batch Configuration for Windows version:


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Got it going. The 101 page did not state that the app with internet is needed for initial setup - at least if you want to change Mike, Chime, or motion sensor area. For some reason my chime didn't work when I reset the device (may be the default) so I needed that and it took a while to figure out because it says setup is possible without it. They added a note about that but only in the "cons" section WAY at the bottom.

If you have a way to set those things using windows that would be good to know. The folks over at ipcamtalk say it can't be done. It is possible to set up basic camera operation.

I set up a guest wifi on my main router and used that with a simple password. Then set up an isolated access point (another low end router) with the same ssid and pw. Then put a PC on that network with batchconfig program to change the wifi pw to be more secure and changed it on the router.

Not bad once I knew exactly what needed to be done but spent a lot of time fighting with what I thought would work.


I am pete_c on the IP Cam Talk forum. Peer David L wrote the 101 and I helped a bit.
The Google pages have not been updated much recently and you may want to go here ==>

Its been running stable for me for a long time now and have not touched it.

I have it streaming to my Omnitouch screens, Homeseer Touchscreens, Zoneminder and Blue Iris (don't really like Blue Iris much - it was given to me though to evaluate it.). Using source (3) streams and the rest are via proxies.

The mike, chime and motion sensors firmware are mostly related to the Android app.

You can adjust the mike and motion sensor using only an old version ( of the Hikvision Batch Configuration program.

Sometimes when it gets overworked it loses the chime capability. There you have to use the Android app to enable the chime. PITA.
Since limiting it to 3 streams I have not had any hiccups.

Changing the IP with Hikvision Batch configuration is easy and you have to reboot it once you change the static IP. You can leave it at DHCP and use a static IP with DHCP via your PFSense firewall.

And only using Hikvision firmware 5.2.4 Build 200321

Using Hikvision Batch Configuration enable ONVIF first.

A while back someone did write an Hikvision ONVIF to MQTT add on which does work. That said the HA Hikvision ONVIF add on sees the motion sensors et al fine.

My old Nutone chime works fine with the Hikvision Doorbell. I did tweak the connections for the alarm panel here using an Elk Debounce and Elk doorbell circuit board and later on added a current sensor which works the best.

I could never get the PIR adjusted just right ....it was always too sensitive or not sensitive enough. I put an outdoor 433Mhz PIR near the front door which is connected to a Tasmota 433Mhz hub and works well. I have it also connected to a Tasmota ESP01 which connects to a zone on the alarm panel.

There is also an Alexa show video add on which works OK. "Alexa show the front door"

You are allowed only three streams from the Hikvision Doorbell. Here proxy the RTSP stream with HA.

Pushing it some you will cause it to reset and go to AP mode. Here utilize the WLAN connection to the AP mode and the Hikvision Batch configuration program to reset it. (no android app is required) once you have configured your Hikvision Batch Configuration application to log in to the device via AP mode. Once in the device just change it to wireless client mode.
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