HB Barometer zapped?


My newly set up weather station crashed last Friday out of the blue, not recording any data and not recognizing any sensors. The culprit seems to be the HB Barometer. It's getting 16 Volts from a linear PSU, but both regulators (8c732 and 8k623) only give some 1.4V output. I find it hard to believe that they have both died, but could this still be and could the cause be static electricity? Or could it be that the op-amp that they supply zapped and that it is causing a short in the circuit? BTW, the jumper is shorting pins 2 and 3. Thanks for the help.


1-Wire setup: HB Power Inserter + HB Baro, HB Hum/Temp, HB Rain Gauge
Did you have any lightning storms when it crashed?

Have you tried removing the Barometer from the network and seeing if the rest of the devices work?

Hello Eric,

Thanks for the reply. There haven't been any thunder storms over my location lately, but nearby there have been some very minor ones.

I have taken the sensor out of the setup and tested it seperately. I use w1retap to poll the sensors. w1find finds the 1-wire fob. After connecting the baro sensors it doesn't find anything. Other sensors work, so the fob is okay. The result looks the same as when there is a short in the network, so at first I checked all the cables and connections. Only then I started measuring voltages from the power inserter and came to the regulators not producing 12 and 5 volts. HTH.