HCA announces version 7

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HCA 7 Top 30 changes:
  • Insteon! Support for the 2414U powerline interface for Insteon and X10 powerline access. Ability to send and query status from Insteon devices. Ability to receive Insteon keypad signals and use them as program triggers.
  • Support for the USB connected temp and humidity module from the Practical Design Group called the THUM, Hooks in to existing Temperature VP elements like the TempLinc.
  • Support for PIM based / generic UPB products. Added using the New Device Wizard by supplying the network id and device id. Very useful for the new generation of UPB devices that connect to the powerline via a UPB powerline interface.
  • Vista! HCA is now Vista compatible.
  • ...
Complete list of what's new.

Since kwilcox already started a thread about this before I got a chance to post this, I am going to ask to post any comments in his thread.
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