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I was planning on waiting a bit more for prices to come down on HDTVs. When I replace my 4:3 with 16:9, I really do not want to end up with a TV that is smaller in the vertical direction. So, that puts me closer to 50" than 42".

I see that BUY.COM has this: http://www.buy.com/retail/product.asp?sku=...654&dcaid=17654

That is in my budget. I know it is 1080i rather than 1080p but it seems good. I will do my reviews on it and some others. What do you guys think?
It is not a 1080i display, Panel resolution : 1366 x 768p. Anything that expensive that cannot be returned makes me nervous unless you have seen it in person locally. IMHO, you can get a bigger 1080p DLP set for similar money that use less power, assuming you can handle the 16" depth.
Yes... on second thought... not such a good buy. Plus, for such an item, I would rather pay a little more for brick-n-mortar purchase.
Prices are low now. I just bought a 61" 1080p Samsung DLP for just under $2k from a brick-and-mortar place.
Jim Doolittle said:
I will do my reviews on it and some others. What do you guys think?
If you have not already, be sure to check out the AVS forums at AVS Forum. Just about anything that you can look at has probably been reviewed over their. Great resource.

I love my 56" Samsung 1080p DLP and the prices are so cheap now. You can't beat the color and brightness of the Samsung 1080p picture. I took my wife in before I bought it and she was blown away and agreed that the quality was superior to many of the other sets.



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Awww... got to budget for a bulb with DLP. Consumer reports recommends buying extended warranty with this technology. I haven't bought an extended warranty in nearly 20 years and that included 4 free head cleanings on my Sony Betamax VCR :lol:.
Take into account that I'm still dreaming. But by overall, a Pioneer Purevision 60" would be verra nice! ;) All I need is a pound of twentys. :p
Well a bulb replacement beats the repair cost on a plasma.... just go look at the Samsung and you will see... the new 6688W beat out everyone in the latest RPTV shoot-out review I read. The colors are awesome.

Oh...I understand about bulb costs versus other costs. Its just that it would be a hard sale to my wife when she sees the cost of a bulb a few years from now. But who knows, maybe in the future the bulbs made in China will be good quality and low cost :D.
Samsung bulbs can be found on eBay for $130 or so. A 3 year in-home extended warranty including bulbs (limit 2, IIRC) is $210.
The expert I talked to said that by the time I need a bulb for the Samsung they will be down to $100... thats not that bad... after watching it for a month or more now... I would never go back. HDTV is so good to watch and the upscaled DVD player really makes normal DVD look good. We have only seen a movie at the the theatre once... as we have our own now at home. That says more than the bulb in a few months.

DLP sets do seem an improvement over the older projection types in picture quality, there used to be questions of "alignment" drift over time with those requiring periodic adjustment. Don't know about the current DLPs though. On the horizon for DLP sets however instead of a bulb is a RGB laser light source which be very nice. I'm not sure however what kind of life to expect from the Blue laser, but certainly more than 8,000 hours you expect to get from the currently used bulbs.

Plasma displays however in the current generations have expected lifetimes of 60,000 hours(at least according to the manufacturers...), so I don't think repair is a particular issue. Plasmas do offer the best image and viewing angle over projection and LCDs. Particularly LCDs. A side by side comparison of Plasmas and others will usually show the differences, particularly in contrast, the plasma "blacks" are usually quite good, while most others will be a little "greyer". I'd expect the laser illuminated DLPs though to be good in this respect when they hit market too, but the viewing angle will still be quite a bit less than plasma.

Hey, its still academic for me anyway, but its sure fun to look and dream, thats still free(I think) :D