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I have some Heath/Zenith light switches installed in several rooms of my home. And a few wall plug controls. I have a big control box that will control it all plus one remote.

My question is, is this system compatible with anything out there now? I want to add a controller to more of my house to automate things. Or will I have to replace these when I get that far?
I'm taking a leap here, but IIRC the Heath/Zenith units were rebranded BSR modules and therefore compatible with all the X10 protocol stuff. IF the units you are referring to are the same ones I'm thinking about, they've been around for awhile. Do they have the little dials with A-P amd 1-16 selections?
I think I saw "Wireless Command" stuff at Home Depot. It was with the exterior motion detectors floodlight stuff. I don't think it is X-10 compatible.
My Home Depot also has this stuff on clearance. It says RF technology but is it compatible with any thing out there?
Well my HD has now expanded there line of "wireless comand" stuff. They have some nice looking motion detectors that are wireless rf for $26.99. Anybody know more about this stuff? If nobody here knows about this stuff it must be doomed to fail!