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A lot of you know me from the HomeSeer board, and I have been a member on Cocoon as of fairly recently in comparison.

I go by JohnWPB, as, I live in West Palm Beach, Florida. I should have picked a more suitable username, like GadgetGuru or something to that effect! If it uses electricity, I like it already, if I can hook it to the computer in some way, then thats FAR better! My mottow is, "If it ain't broke, I can take care of that!"

I remeber way back to yesteryear, when I started fooling around with electronics. My parents got me a new fan-dangled alarm clock/radio for Christmas. It was one of thise with the paper cards that flipped to show the time. (Dating myself here!) The very next day my Mother came in the room, and man did I catch you know what! I had it completely dissasembled and there were pieces of it all over the the place. I got the "Wait till your fater gets home" routine. By the time he got home, I had put it all back together, and they couldnt beleive it, I was 5 at the time.

I am an avid HomeSeer user, and through that have self taugh (Well with a LOT of help from others on the boards, and from the many well commented scripts that I use) VB, and more recently how to use that to create custom ASP pages.

I am also a huge Star Trek fan, and one look at my HomeSeer page, you will see what I mean!

My Home Seer Server is a 3.1Ghz machine with 512mb ram, running HS, of course, and HSP, and uses the AT&T voices. This serves up my custom ASP pages to a variety of devices in the house (and remotely of course) to control the system with. An Airpanel 150, 2 Fujitsu Point 610's, all on the wireless network. I also have a touchscreen monitor in the entertainment center in the living room, to control the system from there as well. Then there are the 3 other desktop computers in the house, all tied into HS.

The system gives us complete control of all lighting in the house, garage door opening and closing, alerting to when the dryer is completed throughout the house. This is done with a "Sticky switch" on the dryer, set with the 3 of our names, that when pressed, will start the dryer, and know where to make the announcement that it has finished. This prevents the announcement going to other bedrooms, if I decided to do a load of laundry at 2 in the morning (Yes I am a night owl!) I have turned off the ringers on all of the phones in the house, as HS now announces the caller, and pops up a photo (if one is available) of ther person calling to every computer in the house. As there are 3 people living here and working on varying schedules, that change for each of us, the system will even alert us if the dogs need to be taken for a walk! This is done by a strategically placed and aimed motion sensor on the shelf where we keep the dog leashes. This stopped the routine of someone getting home to an empty appartment, and calling to see when the dogs were taken out last.

Theres a LOT more, to the system, but that would take about another 5 pages to include it all! hehehe.

You can check out my HomeSeer site at:
If you stop by, sign the guest book to let me know!
Welcome to Cocoontech John.

I'm using some of your scipts from the HS boards. You are a very valuable addition to our membership here and we look forward to sharing ideas with you!