Hello Cocooners!

I just registered even though I have been lurking for a couple of months.

I am in the process of a remodel that includes all new electrical wiring, network, whole house audio, some video surveillance, security, and home automation.

After reading these forum posts for a couple of months, I decided to build my system around an Elk. I just order an Elk M-1, and some Insteon devices to test.

I am sure I will have questions once the Elk gets here, but I know I have found the right venue for this project.
Thanks, Steve.

Just this week, I was about to wire a switch that controlled some outdoor soffit lights, and thought it would be easier (based on the physical layout) to wire hot to the fixture and then just a loop to the switch.

I then remembered reading somewhere on these forums that the neutral was needed for many HA switches to work.

Cocoontech saves the day!