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Hello everyone this is my first post.....


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Hey everyone new to the site. My name is Shawn, just yer average mechanic/blue collar/Jack of many trades that tries to DIY as much as possible. Seems like some really knowledgeable people on this site that might be able to steer me in a better direction than google. Thanks in advance.

Here's what I got:
Old ADT alarm system that's wired (not wireless), was in house when I moved in, never subscribed to ADT. Got rid of the land line. then alarm would randomly go off on its own from time to time because it realized there was no land line to communicate on. So I deactivated/unplugged the main board. Components = Ademco vista-15P main board, SA5882-3ENM wireless receiver with 2 alarm remotes, a fire burglary instruments siren driver module model 679, a Honeywell 7845GSM (not sure of the nomenclature wireless notifier/responder/signal sender), and a ademco/Honeywell 6150V control head.

What I'd like: I'm looking into self monitoring app that I can integrate and include cameras that I can be notified on my phone with. Specifically Zmodo cameras that I'll pay the $5 a month for cloud storage if needed. I haven't purchased them yet, but they have been my favorite option up to this point, but not sure if there's a better option that I'm not aware of.

I found the Konnected panel through google search but don't like that you need smartthings hub to connect it to the Wi-Fi.

I'd rather have something that's not monitored by a third party like Alexa or google home or smart hub... any option that I'm not aware of?

And if not, is there a way I can just replace the 6150V head (or if possible but not sure if I can, reprogram it) and/or main board to just operate the sirens/alarm speakers as a simple armed/disarmed non monitored basic siren driver alarm. Where it'll just be a noise maker if any of the door switches are tripped??

I'm perfectly capable of handling all the wiring needs (I still have to check continuity/resistance of all circuits/sensors to ensure they're all still working and not damaged) but just looking for a little direction and help thanks in advance. - Shawn.


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Hi and welcome.  You didn't mention is your monitoring a small apartment maybe you don't own, or a giant 30 room mansion. There probably isn't the same system for both.  Have you looked at something like Ring Security? I was impressed with it.  You don't have to pay for monitoring,  but its $10/month if you want it.  You say you don't want to have third part "monitoring" but I would really consider it.  First, you may get an insurance discount that will pay for some or most of it.  Second, not so much for burglary but for fire. If your at home 99% I'd say OK, but if you leave your home, and you get a fire alarm email, I'm not sure what good that is?  Going to drive home to check it out?  Call your neighbors and hope they can tell you if your home is burning down?  If you call the fire department, they might not come unless you can confirm the fire. Can you? 
Now-a-days, wireless is the way to go unless you have a very large house and lots of ensors. Sensor batteries last 10+ years today and work great. You just need a few door sensors, a few motion sensors, and some smoke alarms.


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Thanks for the replies.

It's about 1400 sqft single family house.

I'd like to utilize what I have, without using third party monitoring. Thanks for your suggestion, but just my preference.

I have to do more research into programming the unit. I saw there are some YouTube tutorials, if I can't make what I have work with Wi-Fi for self monitoring without using Alexa, google home, or smarththings hub, I'll just use the door switches to sound the 3 alarm sirens I have within the house and garage, as a theft deterrent.

And just use the Zmodo cameras to see live picture if my house is on fire, or being broken into.

Is there a better control head to more easily program the Vista 15P that anyone can recommend? Or a different stand alone alarm that's non monitored that I can use with my current sensors to just signal or sound alarms?

My control head retaining tabs are broken and it leans off the wall a tad. So I'm going to replace it eventually.