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Hello World

Long time lurker but finally have a house I can really start investing in. There is no other route for me over DIY. I like to learn and do as much as I can myself. I'm a web analytics professional but more on the implementation side so I'm very technically savvy on the computer side but learning on the electronics side. I've recently purchased a Raspberry Pi to play around with Ninja blocks for home automation. I was writing a plugin for the Insteon PLM but don't have too much time to devote to that so I've put it aside for now. I had high hopes for the Android @ home sdk and Google when they acquired Sage TV. I'm hesitant to spend money on anything because I have a gut feeling we're on the cusp of some serious innovation in this field.
With that said, here is where I am:
--Replacing an old Radionics D6112 alarm system hopefully keeping all the sensors installed.
--I have a lot of Xantech equipment I've been piecing together a WHA system over the years. Wrote a php api to handle TCP connections for a Global Cache device to control my zpr6810. Javascript frontend that changes zones and sources. Finally decided to get a Digi-5 system when we bought the house.
--Have a WMC box with a cable card setup but I'm think I'm going to cut the cord with the cable company. Experimenting with JRIver for media management moving forward.
--Have a good amount of insteon equipment from my old house I'm going to install here - Keypads, dimmers, thermostat etc.
--Unfinished basement waiting for some love.
Here is where I'm going:
-- M1 Gold / ISY or Vista 20p / Vera, I change my mind every 5 secs
-- HVAC Dampers to give some better energy efficiency
-- More Insteon, garage door, door bells etc
-- IP cameras eventually
-- Smokes, CO
-- Theater/game room in basement
Look forward to learning more. Cocoontech has been a great resource.