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For those who are not familiar with it "Dead Like Me" is a TV show produced by MGM and until recently shown on the Showtime Cable channel. Up until this last weekend Showtime has been saying that this critically acclamed show was to be renewed for a third season. This weekend it was discovered that the show was cancelled in favor of lesser shows produced in house. This is not the first time that Showtime has used this "bait and switch" tactic on its viewers. And was a brutal Christmas present to its many loyal viewers.

To try to save this show, an independent website:

Has started a petition to send a message Showtime that Dead Like Me is too good to loose. I ask anyone who believes that there is more to TV than watching people eat bugs to sign this petition:

There is also an auction on Ebay:

For a DEAD LIKE ME - Box of empty dreams

The money from the auction is to be used to help get the message across of what a great loss this program would be. If you would like to help I know it would be greatly appreciated. I don't know if the show can be saved, but I for one am tired of seeing great shows pushed aside in favor of cheaper programming aimed at the lowest common denominator of humanity.

That's my two cents.

Paul H
I have seen a few episodes, and it was rather weird, but my wife loved it for some strange 'morbid' reason :eek: Unfortunately, ShowTime has cancelled/sold many good shows, hopefully Sci-Fi will pick it up or something like that. Good luck!
Picked up by SciFi? Wouldn't that kill it for sure? SciFi doesn't have the greatest reputation for taking care of programs.

Or for developing good programs of their own. Or keeping them around when they do. Or showing halfway decent movies. Or showing SCIENCE fiction instead of paranormal stuff.

It used to be that SciFi (pronounced sciffy) was used to indicate trash science fiction. The preferred term for the good stuff was SF. I have no idea what the current preferred term is.

End of rant. Yeah, they occasionaly do something right.
They bought Stargate, and they managed to turn it into one of their best rated shows. They also bought Andromeda, but they 'Sci-fi'd it :eek: The Taken mini- series by Spielberg was also very good, and Battlestar Galactica looks promising.
They made Stargate popular. But if you look for reactions on the net many people will say that it went downhill after they acquired it. I am unable to form an opinion because I did not watch it before they took it over.

Their history tends to be one of taking or starting shows, making them somewhat popular, and then killing them.

We'll have to see what happens with Battlestar Galactica. I hope it succeeds, but I'll be mildly surprised if it makes it to a second season. And, I found it hard to deal with the Starbuck character. Not the fact that she's female, but rather that she's too far from the "cavalier" approach of the original.

Andromeda has always been "iffy." I've watched it because I liked the characters and some of the situations, but I have no idea what's going on now.