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Deceided to install ElkM1Gold and starting from scratch. I've read BSR post and I've learned a bit. But I still have some questions.

Mainly about resistors. I have 1 room where I would like to hook up two windows to a room. Can someone explain more about this or provide links?

How do you know which one you need and where do you suggest to buy the resistors? Or anyone have a extra that would work?

Several types of motion sensors and occpancy sensors. I'm mainly going to tie this in for lighting and move stuff off HS, any suggestions? I like smaller discret stuff but I want something that works. I do have 2 large dogs so I was thinking
Visonic Spy

Smoke Alarms
I just ordered fire wire from Worthington.
I plan on putting 2 maybe 3 in but their are several options.
Rate of Rise/Set Point I'm sure their others but can't think of them. Which is the prefered.

Most everything will be hardwired. And in general I'm looking for quality/reliability much more then price. If anyone has any good design/install links please post.

I've also been thinking about electronic entry by keyfob's but don't know much about them.


Here is how you would wire two windows in "series". The Elk should already come with EOL (end of line) resistors. If not you could order them from


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You will want to use smoke detectors in the majority of the house. They are actually better at detecting a fire than the rate of rise and they detect it in the smoke stage which is the part that kills people. Modern ionization type smoke detectors do not give very many false alarms due to dust or smog. However DO NOT put a smoke detector in the kitchen area or near a fire place. They will catch the fact that the toast burned or that the Thanksgiving turkey is a little over done. Use a rate of rise detector in the kitchen. But again don't put it directly over the stove or oven. It is very uncommon but it could give you a false alarm.
Here is some additional information on smoke detectors.

Regarding rate-of-rise/set point. Don't confuse heat detectors and smoke detectors. Heat detectors MAY NOT be substituted for smoke detectors. You can get smoke detectors that are ALSO heat detectors, and I believe that this is what your question is about. You can go with plain smokes, but the cost difference between the basic units and the combo units is so small, why not buy the best for your family?

As BSR mentions, the panel should come with the eol resisters. If you need more, just pick them up at Radio Shack (or Jameco). The only requirement is that the resisters are the correct value for the panel (IIRC, the M1 uses 2200 ohms).

The Spy units are good units, but don't hold your breath about the dogs. The only thing you can do is try to aim them so that the beam is above the level of the dogs. Of course, that means the beam is above the level of children also. Bottom line, the technology is not good enough to tell the difference between a dumb 98 lb dog, a intelligent 98 lb kid, or a 110 lb woman. (or maybe that should be intelligent 98 lb dog and dumb 98 lb kid ;) )
Thanks guys

I just got the panel today and it does have several resistors. One less thing to worry about. Now just have to wait for the wire. I don't know much about panels but this thing looks and feels great. The keypad is also very nice.

I'm sure I'll have more questions when I start installing this over the next few weeks.

I'm also going to install a HVAC system from scratch.

This should keep me busy for awhile. ;)

Okay 1 more quick question.. At least for now ;)

Power and the transformer

Is it okay to install a outlet on the bottom of the enclosure. It looks like the knockouts are made for this. Or do you have to install it out of the panel.

I'm wanting to just install it in the enclosure like my Leviton panel.

This will be a dedicated circuit either way.

Thanks Again,

I believe you are asking if you can place the dedicated wall wart outside of the Elk box (plugged into an outlet which is located outside but near the box).

Yes you can, just run the wire through one of the knockouts. The Elk should be battery backed up anyway if someone gains access to your box (and the box itself should always be locked).
I believe that you would be okay as long as you install the ENTIRE electrical box inside the can. You cannot just put the bare receptacle, as that would be mixing low and high voltage.

Also keep an eye on the amount of space you have. I'd have to dig up my Elk manual to verify, but most alarms require 2 batteries if you want a 24 hour backup time.