Help! Moved to New Home w/ DSC Hardwired System. Need Advice.


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Just moved to a historical home with a pre-existing home security system.  All of the panels are DSC and in the basement is a large box with many wires (that is as technical as i get).  The sticker shields on the windows list a local security company that doesn't even exist anymore.  I believe the system was installed 8 or 9 years ago when the previous owners purchased the home.  
The previous owner mentioned that the system (for them) was connected to Affiliated Central Station Co.  I have no idea what that means.  I'm just learning that the hardware in the home is separate from the company that installs it and is also separate from the company that monitors it?
Ok, so, I'm not sure how to set up a monitoring company for this system, and I want to add more security (i.e. video monitoring and more sensors).  I made a call to a well-reviewed security company in our city that deals with Honeywell hardware.  Would I be able to integrate a Honeywell system into what we already have?  If not, can we use the hardwiring that already exists with a new Honeywell system? I want to "arm" myself with some knowledge before an alarm company tries to sell me on revamping everything that we have.  This is what ADT has already suggested...they came and suggested an entire wireless setup.  Wireless sounds savvy, but I figured that if the house is hardwired already, then why not use what we already have. Right?
I just don't even know where to start.
All or any advice welcome. 
thank you.
You need to realize that you are dealing with companies that want to do everything with a minimum of effort and make maximum profit. That would be to throw in a wireless panel, add a few wireless sensors, and sign you up for a multiple year monitoring contract.  If you put in your own panel, you can get a company like NextAlarm to monitor it pretty cheaply, but then you have to do the work to install it.  You can hire a security company to put your panel in, but that is expensive, and time consuming if you are not going to subscribe to their expensive monitoring.  So what is your goal?  You have many options, but unless you do the work yourself, then you have to decide "free" system with a long expensive contract, or pay someone to put your system in, and they will certainly charge for all the work. (Using wired zones is better but a fair bit of work.)
By the way, there is nothing wrong with wireless, but make sure they connect all your windows and doors, and not just one or two like ADT does.
For the most part, you may be able to reuse existing wired sensors such as door and window contacts, motion detectors, etc. with a new alarm panel.  You probably can reuse any sirens or screamers as well.
One caveat is that if the existing contacts have end-of-line resistors (EOLRs) installed, and you choose a different brand of alarm panel, then the resistors will probably have to be replaced or at least removed.  It's hard to say how difficult that may be, as it depends on how they were installed originally and whether the installer thought ahead about making things serviceable.  If there are no EOLRs, then it's no problem to connect them to another brand of panel.
You can't really integrate two different systems and expect them to operate as a single system.  Your existing DSC system might be capable of meeting your needs, depending on what it is.  But you'll need to get the installer code to allow you to reconfigure it.  If the company that installed it is no longer around, you may be out of luck on that.   But it would probably be simple to just replace the panel you have with another factory-fresh DSC panel.
If you replace the DSC system with another brand, you will have to replace keypads as well.
Honeywell makes some good alarm panels, such as the Vista series. 
Wireless is useful in some situations, but many alarm companies like to use it exclusively as it is fast and easy to install.  But overall, wired systems can be more reliable and if I had a choice, I'd go with wired sensors wherever possible.
Realize that if you have a local company install a new system for you, they may require you to subscribe to their monitoring service.  So if you think you want to go with an independent monitoring company, make sure you ask the installing company if they will allow you to do that.  If they allow it, they will probably charge you more for the installation work since they won't be making any money from you on the monitoring.
I would stay away from companies like ADT. 
If I could just put on a brand new DSC panel and use the existing system, that would be ideal. How can I find a security installation company that installs and works with DSC? I live in a NYC borough, but, after many google searches, I'm not able to pinpoint a reliable business. I will keep digging but would love to hear if you have some website resources.
I called the company that installed the system, and on google maps, it is a regular home, and the voicemail message is of a little kid.  So, my assumption is that the security company is out of business and/or its not legit. 
Thank you...
Did you try contacting DSC and asking them for installers in your area? The the BBB site is a good place to check them out.
I called their number in Canada. The message says that if i am a homeowner with a DSC system to refer to their website for a list of distributors and installers. Their website is useless, and no list exists that I can find on there. Am I missing something?
In the NYC area I'd recommend Scarsdale Security, NY Merchants, Telestat, Marlarm, Security Specialists and a few others.
Best I'd say is you might give the guys over at Christy industries and ask them.