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In my new house I am installing Russound A-Bus system for audio distribution in 6 zones. I was hoping to use the same infrastructure and add on Russound COMPOINT on top of it.
I am NOT an expert in this area and need advice understanding how the two will coexist .. do I need separate Cat-5 cabling and Keypads for both these?
I understand that the systems can use same speakers installed in rooms .
Looking for what incremental components will be needed for installing COMPOINT

If any one can help that will be greatly appreciated
Hi sandbag,

The ComPoint intercom system is entirely independant of the whole-house audio system with the exception that it shares the same speakers.

For wiring, you'll need a CAT5 from the A-Bus hub to the A-Bus keypads and then a second CAT5 from the ComPoint hub to the ComPoint keypads. Speaker wiring is easy as all you'll need will be a short jumper from the speaker outputs on the A-Bus keypad to the speaker inputs on the Compoint keypad, and then speaker wires from the ComPoint keypad out to the speakers.

If you plan to use a door unit (doorbells), you'll also need to get a single CAT5 from the doorbell location to the ComPoint hub.

The door unit also provides contact closure so if you run an extra 2-conductor cable you can ring a standard doorbell, or use the output to trigger automation events when someone rings the doorbell.

Let me know if this isn't clear...


EDIT: Whoops... forgot to welcome you to the site! Lots of good info and great people contributing here.

Welcome to CocoonTech!! I am installing a Compoint system this weekend. I can tell you it is very easy and the WAF is very high w/o the whole system installed yet. Very easy setup and installation. I will post some pictures when I done.

I am not installing a the whole house audio yet (Lack of money) but I am planning the CAV6.6. So I am wiring an additional CAT5/5e/6 run as well as a home run for speaker connections to the CAV.

Good luck


Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. One point that I would like to make is that if this is a new construction make sure you use Carlon Super Blue boxes and not their regular. The Compoint units will not fit in them. If you are doing this post built, use the Super Blue old work boxes. Hopefully you will only need a two gang box. I plan on putting a CAV in and need a 3 gang box but Carlon does not make an old works super blue 3 gang box. I had to order some Enrico 3/4 gang low voltage from Hometech that worked

Second point, make sure the wife is not around when you cut the holes in the ceiling/wall for the speakers. It make quite a mess if your house is already furnished.

I should have the pictures up later this week. I just need to download my camera software again!!

- Mike
Here is one w/o speaker. The two blanks are for the CAV 6.6


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