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I want to replace some of my cameras with better cameras, and I having trouble picking out good cameras.

I want to spend less than $110 each, and I want Day-Night cameras because these are going to be outdoor.

Specifically, I was wondering if there is a difference between Sony, Sharp, and other CCD brands. Also, is there much difference in size (1/3" vs 1/4") of the CCD?

are zoom lenses and wide angle lenses available in this price range?

Thanks in advance!
I am no camera expert, but the ones on this board told me to go with Sony CCD. As a matter of fact (just minutes ago) I purchased THIS camera that I hope will work out well.

I like the fact that it has a vari-focal lens (I don't know in advance the angle of view I will need), and it also has 420 lines of resolution.

It's minimum illumination is listed at .03 lux. It doesn't come with IR/LED's/Nightvision but I don't think I need that in my case as I have enough outdoor lighting where my initial "Smarthome" camera would never switch to black and white mode.

I'm replacing my Smarthome camera with this one as its seal broke and the lens now fogs on the inside (very annoying).

HERE are the detailed specifications.

I paid $139 plus ten dollars shipping (a little more than you wanted).

I'll get it in six days so I'll post some screen shots then!
I didn't think my backdeck was total darkness, so I bought a bullet cam a while back, but at night, the picture is all black. Have any of you tried this camera? The price seems just right.

I did buy this camera for my driveway. I love it, but the closest mounting place is too far to see faces very well. Would a varifocal camera fix that problem? Also in bright sunlight, the end of the driveway is really washed out. I don't know what to do about that.

Is the camera you bought color only? If it does not switch to b/w then am I correct in assuming you cannot use an IR illuminator with it if you have a lighting issue?

Also couldn't find the operating temperature spec. Reason for all the questions is I need some cameras but they have to work down to 20 below zero and in zero visible light. (I am violently opposed to overnight outdoor lighting because it ruins my view of the night sky).

I also want to stay in the price range of the camera you bought.
I'm sorry, I wasn't more clear. That camera is color only. I should have said I don't need the night time features of an LED/IR/B&W camera and I'm "hoping" that the .03 lux minimum (in color) specification is going to be OK for my lighting conditions.
I am glad that this thread has came up. I don't want to hijack your thread but could you guys post day/night pics of your cameras in action. This would help me make some final decisions on what I want to buy also.
Off the Sony CCDs, does anyone know the difference between SuperHAD and Exview? Which one is supposed to be better?
hgupta1 said:
Off the Sony CCDs, does anyone know the difference between SuperHAD and Exview? Which one is supposed to be better?
The EX View is a newer sensor than the SuperHAD. Both are very good, but the EX View has superior performance in low light. Supposed to be the best CCD for low light (not using IR illuminators).
You get what you pay for with cameras. The ExView is the newer and much better (consistantly) version of the SuperHAD as was stated.

By "total dark" pictures, what do you mean? And in the "total dark" do you want any infrared illumination or just the camera? In "total dark" you will see nothing if you don't have infrared. There are several "low-light" options but aren't any "no light" opitons w/o infrared.

I sell several of the cameras referenced above. I HATE Internet sales at cost or near cost - they kill my sales!
Zang said:
I sell several of the cameras referenced above.
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