Help: Which controller and multiple questions Elk1, Insteon CCTV


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So I am beyond a newbie and have many questions:
I purchased a rather large home that was basically still under construction when the last owner had to jump ship after getting transfered. The first owner was an IT guy, before his transfer he anticipated this being his forever home and put a lot of work into it, unfortunately I am not. The home currently has:
Insteon scene switches and relays. 
Universal Devices ISY
Elk 1 
He was not complete with construction let alone the smart home aspects of the house, he leased the house out for 3 years then i purchased it two years ago, so there was a communication gap.
First off. I have one particular "kitchen" switch that last about 4 months then starts blinking or just randomly going off, Im on my 4th switch. I have another one which gets extremely hot to the touch when turned on "patio room", its been replaced twice.
The majority of the ELK switches keypads sensors and whatnot have been in the basement for 5 years in boxes. The control board is sitting in the computer room "command Center" mounted on the wall along with the ISY which is active and we simply use the phone app to control lights. This week we have had a major water leak above the "Command Center" room and it hit all of the componernts in boxes as well as the ISY.
Which brings me to:
Second off- If I have Insteon switches and Dahua A/I CCTV and would most enjoy home stereo with Sonos, light control, all the basic HVAC garage door control etc, alarm system, and intigrating voice command what should I start over with considering insurance is getting involved ? Would you suggest staying with the U.D. ISY and the ELK ?
Thank you 
Welcome to the Cocoontech forum @ResQMike.
There are many users on the forum here using Elk panels.  
Many of the users here have DIY'd their Elk instalations.  
I would suggest offering to subcontract an Elk installer near your area or call Elk about finding one.
I'm concerned about your hot switches.  (Note:  IT Guys are not necessarily good 'hardware' guys!).
Check the wattage rating of the switch.  Also, I don't have Insteon but I do have 20 ZWave lighting/relay switches and they have side metal tabs that dissipate heat, but sometimes you have to remove them to fit inside a multiple gang box with other switches.  The switches manual will tell you the de-rating.  Also, switches are de-rated depending on how many are ganged in one box together.
My worst case switch has 300 watts of incandescent lighting as its load and is ganged with three other switches.  The paddle is slightly warmer (not hot by any means).