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I've installed a W800 X10 receiver on my Elk M1G. Then I setup an EagleEye X10 motion detector and placed it in my car. I then wrote several rules which basically work like this.

1) When the alarm is set in stay mode and motion is detected in the car then make an announcement that someone is in my car.

2) When the alarm is set in away mode then turn output 2 on for 10 minutes if output two is off and motion is detected then call my cell phone and announce someone is in my car.

Rule two is in case one car is home and the other is away. The problem I have with rule two that I cant seem to solve is after setting the alarm I have 10 minutes to get in my car and get away from the signal range. However when I come back home there is not way to tell the Elk to ignore the signals from the motion detectors.

My current solution is to take the motion sensor and hide it under the seat so it does not detect motion. However I am looking for a better way to solve this. I can't delay the alert for 10 minutes while I try to get in the house because that means whoever is in my car has ten minutes to get away.

One possible solution may be to hack the EagleEye and put a button which I could push to delay detecting motion for 10minutes then by pushing the button on my way home I would have time to get out of the car to deactivate the alarm. The problem with this is that I don't know how to hack an EagleEye.

Any Ideas?


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why don't you delay the alert for 1 minute instead of 10, then put an X10RF keychain remote on your keychain and press a button that turns on output 2.

EDIT: and if you are still worried about someone running off with your car, get a Boost mobile phone, hide it in your car (but make sure it stays charged), pay the $6-9 a month for internet, and log the GPS with MoloGogo so you can see where whoever stole your car has taken it.

EDIT AGAIN: also, you could put a z-wave appliance module on your garage door opener that doesn't turn on unless the the keychain remote activates it. that way, the garage door won't open, even if they have your opener. and you wouldn't feel like you'd be pushing the keychain remote button to have nothing happen (at least, not noticeably... obviously, the output would be turned on)... it would be required for you to get into your garage.


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Because I opted not to buy HS2 and no longer use HS1X. If Peter would get the Miracle out then I most certainly would use RFID for this. Perhaps I should look into using CheaperRFID for this. I'm not sure if the range is there tho. I'd have to look into it.

Thanks for the ideas everyone.