Help with Dimming


Help with Dimming

Help with Dimming

I am running Homeseer v I have a mixture of Model HCM06 and 16383 Leviton dimmers installer in my home.

These do not seem to dim where I want them to. I have the devices set up as HCM06 that has the uses Leviton Extended Data Dimming. But they do not dim to the desired light level when I run an event. I also do not know what to set up in dim type. Dim Relative, Dim Absolute, Dim Bright. Which do I use?And what command do I use? Dim or bright. Do I brighten to 70% or dim 30%? Can you point me to a discussion that tells me how to do this? Is the only way to do this is with script? Script is very intimidating. How can A newbe start learning script. Lets start simple. What would the script for “ Dim house code C16 to 30% look like.?

Lots of question marks!!