Help with DVD play back


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I'm starting to look (again) into DVD ripping and coping and have this working but today I tried to play one of the DVDs at work. Windows Media Player launched and the sound works but I get no video. Can you guys tell me what codec I may need to play this DVD? TIA
I tried to use the InterVideo WinDVD software but it keep complaining about "Create Overlay failed. Please lower your resolution or color depth and try again. I think the problem is I'm running dual 21" monitors and the windvd doesn't like that. Are there no free MPEG2 decoders?
The Nvidia DVD trial is free for 30 days, if you need a permanent and free solution, I am not sure, the nVidia one is usually the better one. Do you have a copy of PowerDVD (which comes with many dvd drives)?
Rupp, how did you rip the DVD? If you rip it correctly, you don't need the special mpeg2 software.
Are you trying to view via RDP? Won't work with Overlay video.

Best DVD player software (IMHO): Zoom Player and WinDVD6 codecs - highly configurable and automatable

Second best: Theater Tek that comes with Sonic codecs

The rest are just that.