Help with HomeSeer triggering an event from a UPB Scene

I have an Elk M1 and UPB lighting and for the past three years I've been pleased with how stable and reliable the system has been. Over the weekend I added HomeSeer to my configuration because I would like to add more robust functionality.
My plan is to have Elk handle all the security aspects and HS handle the lighting and email messaging. I'm making progress moving light control functionality that was originally in Elk to HS but am stuck with one event in Elk that I can't figure out how to create in HS.
I have a multi-button table top controller with one button configured to turn off all inside lights and arm the alarm. In Elk the event/rule is triggered when the button is double clicked (off mode). What I can't figure out in HS is how to detect when the button is double clicked in order to trigger the event. I have a script in HS that will turn off all the lights and that works because I'm using the script in another HS event.
In the HS Device Manager the scene associated with the button shows as Deactivate. If I understand correctly, because it is a scene it doesn't have a status to detect or set like a physical device.

The only way I've been able to get it to work is to set the event trigger to the following:
IF Night Mode had its value set to Any Value
The problem with this is if the button is accidentally pushed once, which is the turn on action, it also triggers the event.
How do I go about configuring HS to trigger this type of event?
I am not familiar with the Elk M1 panel. 
That said Homeseer UltraJones wrote the original Elk plugin for Homeseer 2 and current Homeseer 3 plugin.
I would ask Homeseer UltraJones about said triggers / events with Homeseer and the Elk M1 Panel.