Help with Homeseer


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I just installed homeseer 2 and am having a problem. I installed from cd and downloaded the insteon plugin. Now that it's running, I can't get to the setup page.
I can get the other pages (status,control, etc), but when I click setup I get the Page cannot be displayed message. Has anyone else experienced this?

I am running Windows XP.
There are issues with firefox and IE7 on certain pages. Check the HS forums, they are many threads on similar issues.

Also, make sure the plugin started properly in you HS log, look for any red entries.
I've never had the setup page fail to load, but have had problems with other HS pages. Try disabling your software firewall for a minute or two and retrying it while it's down. Norton IS is known to cause this issue on some HS plugins, for example.