help with m1 output 3


so i'm trying to hook up my elk m1's output 3 to control my sprinkler pump ... i've got the relay which is rated at 24VAC 3VA at the coil, and the elk m1's output 3 is rated at 24VAC 4VA .. so it should be able to turn on the pump relay.. i've checked the continuity at the wire, and it's coming through when connected to a 12VDC test .. ... but when i hook it up to the elk's output 3, nothing happens.. so i tried checking voltage at the elk main board.. and i'm getting 0 volts.... however my output 3 led is lit up .... so i'm confused.... if the led is lit up for output 3 .. and my pump is wire to common and n/o it should be on shouldn't it .. ? am i forgetting something in my rule?

my rule is ..
THEN TOGGLE Sprinkler Pump (Out 3)

i also tried manually turning it on via the keypad .. and same result.. output 3 led lights up .. but no voltage at the contacts .... i tried wiring it at common and n/c .. and same thing, no voltage at any of the terminals .. am i doing something wrong or forgetting something ?

or is it my elk m1's output 3 that's not working ... isn't it protected by ptc .. ? i tried leaving output 3 disconnected for 5 mins for it to reset but that didn't help.. also, i didn't see any way to select whether it outputs to 12 or 24 VAC .. or does it do that automatically?

any help greatly appreciated.
forgets said:
i didn't see any way to select whether it outputs to 12 or 24 VAC .. or does it do that automatically?

any help greatly appreciated.
Output 3 doesn't output either 12 volts DC or 24 volts AC. It is merely a switch closure and you have to supply the voltage from another supply source.
Can you hear the relay click when you trigger output 3. If it does click, it is probably working. As said above, you need to break voltage through the relay contacts. There is no voltage coming through the relay contacts.
yeah i can hear the relay click when it comes on .. so i guess it is working.. that's my mistake then, i thought it supplied the voltage to turn on the relay at the sprinkler pump .. so where could i get a 24VAC 3 or 4VA power supply.. ? i guess i might just have to spring for the rain8net early, since i'm sure that has one.. but any links for a standalone wall plug ?
Output 3 will work fine for switching 24VAC to control your sprinkler system. The 24VAC plugin transformer should be available at one of the distributors that frequent Cocoontech or goto the Elk Products website and find one under the distributor directory.

With Rules you can enhance the sprinkler system by setting the output 3 on time with a value set in custom values. This makes it easy to change the sprinkle time. You can also add a rain sensor to one of the M1 inputs and skip watering the lawn if it has rained. To mention a few ideas.