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Ok, I have given up on the HSPCI modem. I have seen post after post about the NetCallerID box. I found 2 links to them and both links were outdated and dead. NetCallerID comes up nada with an Ebay search.

Where can one purchase a NetCallerID box to interface to HomeSeer?


I just found one at After EXTENSIVE searching of this and the HS board.

I bought one, but what an unpleasant experiance! The only payment method they except is PayPal (I HATE PayPal), and it opened in a new window. The window was VERY small, and NOT resizable! I had to scroll over, up, down, left, right and all over the darned place to fill out the PayPal information!

Oh well, I got it for $11 with shipping, so I can't complain... or can I ;)
You succeeded in finding the only place to get the NetCallerID on the web (as far as I can tell). I've heard quite a few complaints about the process of ordering these things (mostly from people who haven't ordered), but I've never heard anyone complain of problems with the company or paypal with any of these purchases.

The boxes are great and I think they are the "only" way to do caller id.

By the way, I just had one fail - doesn't work after a power failure. It powers up but doesn't recognize incoming calls at all. I "hot-swapped" another one and I'm back in business. I haven't looked into the dead one to see what happened.

Having TTS caller id announcements is probably my #1 most usefull home automation tool. I wouldn't be doing it without the NetCallerID.
Ok come on... Your HSPCI modem? Those are only imaginary (or you are VERY old) - you mean your HAL modem.

(Like the two I got for $16.00 ea. including two of the now defunct CM11A's along with some very funky software at a Lowes "please take this stuff" closeout.)

The best thing, other than rock solid dependability, about the NetCallerId units is their ability to do call waiting Caller ID. The HS modems will never do that.

Yep I ordered from those people with their perpetual $5.99 weekly special. No problems, but shipping is per unit and more than the price, but still a deal. Have seen the same people put them on eBay - maybe they are running low now.

APPARENTLY there is freeware on the HS board called "CallerIdMonitor" that works with the unit (haven't researched this well) or Kindred's paid script (which I have) and everyone is happy with. At least before the price increase and 2.0.

Mine, unfortunately, is getting unplugged from the HS Kiosk PC soon because my 3 serial ports are taken up with the Ocelot/W800/ CM11A and I only have one USB port w/ a Creative soundcard on it. Hub? Anything added will take a powered hub and enough is enough.

Welcome to the world of stable caller ID and I agree w/ Smee "TTS caller id announcements is probably my #1 most usefull home automation tool".

A link you may want to read:


Here's the best explination to what happened to the HSPVI Modem

But to sum it up, the modem, after 2 years, has stopped responding to HSP:

I purchased the modem from HST, and it is the HSPCI modem, and not the relabled HAL. I grabbed the latest drivers from the HS downloads. I uninstalled the, reinstalled, swaped PCI slots, Went into safe mode to make sure the modem and all references to it were gone, uninstalled HS and HSP and reinstalled both, switched PCI slots again, reset my HS.ini file, and just about anything else you could possible think of to make it work with HSP. No new phones or devices have been added to the house. No hardware configurations on the HS machine have changed. I ran RegClean, as you suggested Rupp. And lastly, I almost sacraficed a chicken, as Bill Bowser suggested.

Tried the modem in another PC and it worked fine as well.

In the mean time, it worked with Hyperterm, displayed CallerID, worked with a 3rd party answering machine program I downloaded, and installed, and also captured caller ID, was able to hear the outgoing message, and record an incomming message. Yes, I uninstalled the 3rd party answering machine RIGHT after the test, and it was not tieing up the com port.

This is 100% a HSP problem. As the modem works with all other programs, terms, and prodding that I could do.

I simply gave up, went and bought a digital answering machine, and now got the NetCallerID so I can still capture CID and have voice anouncements and a log of who called.
I stand corrected, a HS modem. ;)

BTW, HS has done more with that modem than HAL ever did. On the HAL boards it is a given "hardware" problem that the modem will only get caller id 80+ % of the time.

The only thing I didn't see that you tried (I missed?) was running the modem on another computer WITH HS. Mine works pretty welll w/ HSP. (HAL modem using the HS drivers ;)) You sure tried everything else.

My biggest complaint about HSP is that HS won't release the modem so that HS can dial the net for info. The was stated as a planned "upgrade" 3 (?) years ago. Maybe it just isn't possible.

So, since there is no broadband here, I have to have 2 modems, taking up my 2 Kiosk PCI slots to get any of the information those (GREAT) HS net scripts provide.

Enjoy NetCallerID.