Help with Stargate SG-IP com port


Hi all,

Maybe any of you who owns a JDS Stargate SG-IP might have experienced this problem with the two spare com ports on the motherboard:

I presently have a text to speech synthesizer hooked to Com 2 and it works just fine sending plain ASCII text with the Megacontroller.

My problem is that the synthesizer needs control codes to activate certain functions.

When the speech synthesizer is hooked to the serial port of a PC I can send a "~" which is the equivalent of a CTRL+A which tells the speech synthesizer that the following text is a control command.

The SG-IP does not seem to send the "~" on the Com channel like my PC does.

Is there any way to imbed control codes like the "~" in the ASCII text string so that they can be received by the speech synthesizer?

I have emailed techsupport at JDS twice and have yet to recieve a response as to yes there is a way or no it cannot be done.


It appears to be ignored by the Megacontroller function that transmits the ASCII string that the ~ is embedded in.

I just received a reply from Jeff at JDS and he said to try to select "Binary" in the ASCII out field and enter the equivalent of the ASCII character I want to send. It will appear like <~126> in my schedule.

I will give it a try tomorrow.