hey, can i stick this in a can?


so i've got a spare can mounted up after phone, internet, cable, security hookups.. and it's already installed in drywall and powered.. and i was going to expand on my leviton decora volume controls.. but then i saw...gasp, russound units... and i toured the site, and i thought how awesome is that.. won't have to go back to my reciever to change sources to listen to something in another room... problem is... I'M CRAZY. no really, i can't stand having anything out in plain view.. not my receiver (mounted on the top portion of my towel closet, which was partitioned off and has it's own door, all my cans for phone security etc.. are in the top part of a former pantry, which is now used to house them, but they're in a false wall i made, so still, very hidden... and when they're closed it's still a normal pantry.. so here's the thing, i've looked at the spec's of the russound ca6.4i and ca4.4i, (the new models are too big) and they look doable to mount in my spare leviton 28" can... i mean sure the space is tight height wise.. but it'll make it.. and it's got room to spare on the other dimensions.. but the problem is heat... i don't know how much heat these russound models generate.. or if they need to be mounted right side up to function correctly.. but i'm hoping i can get away with it.. i know this might not be the best forum but people at avsforum don't mount stuff in cans like people at cocoontech do.. and i figure maybe someone here has one and can tell me about how much heat it generates and maybe you've mounted something that crazy in a can? share a story.. i like to read, it inspires me.. and failing all that i guess i'd be trying to look into a small maybe 4 space rackmount to hang off the ceiling of the pantry where it wouldn't take up too much valuable property used for foodstuffs... where would i get one of those ? and could someone tell me if that's true.. i read somewhere that russound's are rack mountable.. ? i can't find it now, but if someone can confirm that too i'd appreciate it..
thanks for reading my ramblin', g'day! :lol:
Yep, you're a certified crazy. ;) Go ahead and get in line, the lithium will be given out as soon as Electron gets the automated lithium dispenser/mousetrap/beer cooler/touchscreen ready. :p

The Russound doesn't care what position it's mounted at, well, sorta. The electronics will work in any position, but if the unit is not in an upright, level position, the airflow will change. Which brings us back to the critical area, namely heat.
If the unit was out in the open with good ventilation, you could run it upside down. If you put it in a can though, I think you are asking for trouble. Most amps require 1" clearance above and below, and 2" in front and back. The units are designed for cool air to be pulled in under the unit in the front and back, and the warm air exits out of the top and flows back out to the front and back. IF you change the orientation, the planned airflow is disrupted, with the possability of dead air spots and localized overheating. Add in the limited clearance and air volume of a can, and things are going to overheat.

The rack option is much better.