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Greetings fellow cocoo'ers. I'm glad I found a website which is dedicated to home automation as well as entertainment. As of now, I live at home, so most of the home automation stuff doesn't apply to me. This site gives me great ideas for when I move out into my own house, but I'm sure my future wife will probably kill me for spending more time on the house than with her :p

Here is the system I put together for my parents a few years back.

I am an audiophilie, but on a very very low budget. However, that doesn't stop me from paying a little bit more for some components which I know will last me for a very long time - most of which has got me in trouble so far ;)

Here's a night shot of the stereo system I put in my car. I wasn't satisfied with the lack of depth from the factory sound system, so I replaced it all with an Eclipse CD8454 radio, mtx 5 channel amp, image dynamics subwoofer, and polk audio DB series speakers.

For my room, this is a new addition. For the past 6 years I have always wanted a surround sound system in my room. I finally saved up enough waiting for a good sale to come by and I hit the mark when I found an open box demo unit Energy Take 5+1 system from goodguys as well as an open box yamaha 5660 reciever from bestbuy.


That TV was built in 1986. Ironically, it crapped out two days after I got my sound system. ;) However that discman which is 10 years old is still running.