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I have posted one or two questions on here, but never introduced myself, so that's what this message is for...

In my old house I had the lighting in the house controlled by X-10 and some software I wrote myself that interfaced with a Redac (anyone remember them? made by ADI). The software worked good, except for the occasional... ahem... bug in the code that would cause the lights to come on and off all at once in the middle of the night. It would have been funny had it not been 2am.

I'm now in a different house and have been planning my HA setup for probably a year or more. I tend to move slow with things. There was a time I wanted to be on the bleeding edge of everything, now I'm older and I prefer the dull butter knife edge :D

I just last week placed my order with Automation Outlet to begin automating my new house. I will be getting (if UPS showed up today) 55 Insteon switches and an Elk M1EZ8 with wireless and wired sensors. I have an Ocelot and SECU-16IR I plan to use for IR distribution, and a Lacrosse WS2010 weather station I hope to integrate into HomeSeer, which is the software I ordered.

My inspiration and what I aspire to is a web page and system like this guy has:


That's my HA goals in a nutshell. This is a great site.

Hi Matt. You'll find all kinds of systems on this board, since it is not vendor specific. I'm familiar with the Micro-Redac and even have a few of them lying around, mostly due to my interest in HA and to ADI in particular. I also use an Ocelot plus several modules to control just about everything without having a PC involved at all. There are also several other ADI users here, as well as some who use their Ocelots with a PC application. I'm also not a bleeding edge kind of guy, all my lights are still using X10 and will be for a while yet. Simply put: it works well for me and is very affordable. I have also bought an M1 Gold but have not integrated it into my home yet (its in a "lab" mode right now). The M1 and the Ocelot also complement each other quite well and use very similar programming models.

Welcome to our group!
Welcome to CocoonTech.

I have just purchased my Elk M1 today and hope to begin installation this weekend.

See you around on the board and stop by the chat area as well.

Welcome to the forum. This is a great forum and folks are real friendly. I have learnt so much from all of them.

I use a elk-m1 gold and though my setup was very slow...it is gettign there. Hopefully this weekend will be the end of phase one. Still a lot to learn.

Next step will be relays.

Once again welcome.