Hidden doors and secret passageways


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A friend of mine pointed me to this website http://www.hiddenpassageway.com/ . It has a lot of great ideas on creating hidden rooms and passageways. It looks like they use HA to activate their projects.

I can think of a few places in my house where it would be fun to add a hidden bookcase door. After all, I have to conceal the entrance to the bat cave. :) Has anyone done anything like this in their house?

BTW. The sound is a bit annoying on the main page. You can click on the speaker icon in the top right corner of the center box to turn off the sound.

LOL. :) I have checked out their site before. I really wanted to do something like this for our walk in closet, but the WAF is just not there. I still plan on doing somethign like this when I finally get around to finishing the basement, but that might be a while.
This company in particular is not really in my price range. I would really like to find some more DIY info on how to set up something like this. I am thinking that it does not really have to be that complicated or expensive to be effective.
We are getting ready to break ground on our new house. When we were designing the plans, I put in a hidden closet for all of the HA / A/V equipment. There will be a floor to ceiling recessed bookcase on a hidden piano hinge.

I liked this idea as I wanted the location of all of the A/V equipment to not be obvious to a burgler, and I needed a bookcase in the den anyway. Two birds with one stone! ;)
sace, great idea! a secret "control" room. I am sure there are stories of a buglar breaking into not only the house but the network can as well and BAM no more control.

BTW, I thought you just moved into your new place?