High Definition Baby!


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Well. like a LOT of people out there, I have a High Definition TV, and nothing to provide a HD signal to it. I am still waiting for more channels to become available before footing around $500 US for a HD sattelite receiver.

In the mean time, Microsoft has put together a few sample files that are free to download. You will need a pretty high end computer and Video card to be able to view them. The standard reccomended system is 3.x Ghz+ and at least a 128 MB gfx card. You will also need the latest WMP 10 to be able to play the videos, if you arent up to date, when you try to play something HD it will do an update for you automatically.

I hooked up my Video card with DVI into my bigscreen (65" rear projection), and WoW! After having the TV for over a year, it was nice to finally see what it is really capable of! I was really impressed by the dramatic difference in quality and detail, even using a rear projection TV.

Also, there is one movie available that I know of, Terminator II comes with a 2nd "Bonus disk" that features the full movie in Windows Media Player 10 HD format. This DVD has to be played in a computer of course.

Atom Films has also jumped on the bandwagon by partnering with Maven, a HD video provider.

So if you havent gotten the chance to see what HD will look like on your set, nows the chance!

You can download the Microsoft HD videos HERE.

Atom films HD videos are available HERE.
That's why I just bought the extreme edition of Terminator 2, it comes with the HD version of the original theater showing, it looks incredible!
I found those HD video files on the MS site a while ago to check out the HD set I bought for work. Very impressive!