High quality moon mission documentary/video

I think Jay summed it up, as best as anyone can... "Wow!"

An amazing feat to have done something that was so technoligicaly challenging back then, with less computing power than what a pocket pc or even cell phone has today.
A little off topic from this thread, but still related:
If you guys have not seen them yet, check out the HIGH DEFINITION VIDEOS at Microsofts site. You need a pretty updated computer to be able to view them, especially the 1080p versions. If you pause the movie's, even in fullscreen mode, the freeze frame is just as clear as any high-res picture that you have seen on your monitor. Pretty impressive stuff....
hmm, I'm getting this error when I try to view that URL

Sorry, the file you have requested could not be found
or has been intentionally disabled by the content owner.

Anyone else having problems?
Yea, you even dis-associate the file types and it still happens. Stupid MC10, contaminates your entire system, just like Norton Antivirus, ... but that's another story :) :eek: :)
btw, NasaTV is running 24/7, you can watch it by going to yahoo.com, the link is on the front page. The feeds are incredible, I just watched the hatch opening live, now they are showing the robotic arm (first task is to reconfigure the shuttle robotic arm), so you can see Earth rotating in the background.