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Two weeks ago some burglars entered to three houses in my neigborhood. One of the houses had an alarm system that the burglars bypassed. I don't know the quality of the instalation, but I don't think those guys are amateur burglars.

So I'm still buying the components of the alarm that I'm, going to install. I'm thinking on these burglars, so when considering the door/window magnetic switches I found the Magnasphere based siwtches which argue to be better:

Do anybody know or has any exposure to these switches? Pros/Cons? What is the best place to buy in small amounts (I only found 1 place offering packages of 10 units from each model)?
A security system is a combination of perimeter and interior sensors, a main control panel, wired or wireless remote controls, and alert devices, plus the physical barriers in place to discourage unlawful entry. The whole system is only as good as the most vulnerable component. If you are dealing with someone who knows a little bit about physics, DC electronics and common construction materials and practices, I imagine it is fairly easy to circumvent a lot of what passes for "security."

That said, I'd be inclined to harden other areas before I started throwing money at contacts.
To the point above, what level of attack are you looking to prevent? Interesting concept though.

Sounds like visible cameras on multiple angles might be a good deterrent. Noone wants to be caught in the act. Is it worth betting that they can find out how and where the video is being captured? And that it hasn't been transmitted elsewhere...

Right up there with the 'Monitored by...' signs.

fitzpatri8 - I agree totaly with your comments. That's why I said that I dont know the quality of the installation of the other house. But since I am just starting to buy the components and I would be using just 4-6 switches, I dont think the incremental expense would be more than $60.

Mike - After buying the M1 Gold (as a coincidence, a few days before the robbery incidents) my budget can only deal with the perimeter and interior sensors. I'll add later outdoor sensors/lightning and finally the cameras. So I'll not be able to claim protection against any level of attack (I'm a DIY), but this is also my new hobby and I'll be adding more stuff in the future either for convenience or security.
elcano ,
3 X10 cameras at the corners of a home are one of the best deterrents money can buy and these are cheap when the "right" deal comes around.
Re: quality of installation

A small-town newspaper I subscribed to once had a cozy arrangement with the local police, so all their crime reports featured a detailed inventory of pilfered items. On a couple of occasions, they took particular delight in listing "burglar alarm" among the items stolen... :)

I don't know what kind of hardware was involved, but your local police might be so bold as to describe an x10-like panel as a burglar alarm. In that case, "circumventing" means picking it up off the table and hurling it into the nearest hard surface.

That said, what if I rephrase your question for a revenue-neutral comparison. What kind of incremental improvements can you make to your new system for around $60 that would improve your odds of either 1) discouraging a break-in, or 2) reducing the losses from a break-in?

I could never recommend an X10 cam, but it qualifies as legit psychological warfare. Do you already have warning signs?
No signs. I dont even have the alarm working yet.

About the cameras, if they are noticeable from the street I have always considered them as saying "I have a lot of expensive stuff here!". The house that got the robbery last week had them. May be as fitzpartri8 said, there is more detail in that case than was is told. Probably it was a targeted robbery. It is by far the most noticeable house in the neighborhood. Mine is close to the last ones. :-/

I was considering locating cameras in a way so that they are only noticeable if you are in the property - not hidden, but discreet.

Thanks for the advise anyway. I'll put the cameras ahead in my budget queue. :)
No signs. I dont even have the alarm working yet.

I wouldn't let that slow you down from putting signs in the yard. It may not stop knowledgable thieves, but it might be enough of a deterent that they go to a different house because it's not worth the bother.

That said, if these thieves have been targetting your neighborhood, they may already know you don't have a system and putting signs outside won't do you any good.