High Tech Moves to the Kitchen


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Sure big screen TV's and digital cameras dominate the world of consumer electronics. But today, high tech is landing in the kitchen.

Diane Valachovic with Intelligent Oven said, "The problem today is we need to move the food from the refrigerator to the oven for it to be cooked. Well, nobody's home to do that."

So inventors are hoping you'll turn to the Intelligent Oven. "Iit's both a refrigerator and an Internet connected oven."

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The oven that has a fridge built-in is for sale already. It's really cool, I've been seeing it at Disney's Epcot future house for quite about 2 years now. But it's finally for sale!
I had heard about the same oven myself. I think my wife's enthusastic enough about it that we may be early adopters.