Hitachi news


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In separate announcements today, Hitachi will be adding the following industry-leading products to its CE hard drive portfolio in 2005:
  • "Mikey," the baby Microdrive -- the world's smallest, highest-capacity one-inch hard drive at 8-10 GB;
  • Travelstar "Slim" -- the world's smallest and lightest 1.8-inch hard drive;
  • Deskstar 7K500 -- the world's highest capacity 3.5-inch SATA hard drive, at 500 GB, for high-end media center PCs, DVRs, nearline storage and other enterprise ATA applications;
  • Deskstar T7K250 -- this new 250 GB drive includes SATA II features and Hitachi's Smooth Stream technology for use in DVR and other AV applications;
  • Deskstar 7K80 -- at 40 and 80 GB of capacity, this drive satisfies the needs of mainstream consumer PC customers.