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Does anyone use this?

The reason I ask is a plugin for SageTV exists for this, and only this at this time.

It's not a software I would choose but knowing it's pre-integrated into SageTV makes it a bonus for me.
Yea, HAL is a decent package and there are a few around here that use it. One of its main strengths is its VR capability. One of its big weaknesses (may be fixed, haven't checked in a while) is that it only supports the M1 via serial. There are several threads around on it. There's also a Sage driver for CQC - ask IVB :rolleyes:
Thanks Steve,

Yeah I knew about it's VR capabilities, is it still the leader? Or have others basically caught up?

(Not that I use or even like VR, but it is cool factor. No knocking that.)

How big a weakness is the serial to Elk connection?

I have been tring to figure this out for quite some time. The servers and the Elk all go in the same rack so there is no distance issues with serial connections.

CQC = No video on screens, thats a deal killer for me. :rolleyes:
No weakness with just serial connectivity...cause you can get around it.

You can you get around the serial connection issue by using the freeware "HW Virtual Serial Port" and an Elk ethernet module.

This is what I use to connect PowerHome and Xlobby to my Elk. In both cases (PH and Xlobby), those program only support the serial connection. PH is supposed to support the ethernet connection on the next release (what I hear).

Hope this helps...