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So I have a small mouse problem (they are stuck in a wall, but can't find them or figure out how they got in since the house is pretty new), keeping me up all night, so I decided to drop in a motion sensor into the walls to monitor when they are there, and to make sure that I trapped all of them. Nothing is cooler than hearing "Attention: mouse activity detected!" :lol: Just figured I would share a rather original HA story ;)
That rocks E. You have mad mouser skills! Now when you can set this to work in combo with a roomba, and suck those critters out, I'll be really impressed!

Phear your mousing ninja skillz! :lol:
lol that's funny, I was actually going to use my shopvac to suck em outta there, but after 1 night of monitoring, they are moving into the walls, but not through the inside of the house, looks like they found a way in from outside or something.
I have one of those little desktop tanks from thinkgeek.com, I could mount a wireless x10 cam on it, and have it drive around in the walls lol.
Now we're getting somewhere. Need to mount a small drill to front of tank though, to get through studs. By the time you're done......your home might be a little unstable, but those darn mice will be erradicated!
home automation: 1
mouse: 0

motion sensors announced I had activity again after I designed a new mousetrap that connects to a Jbox.


the mouse is alive, and fine, so I am hoping PETA won't send me a complaint, but I am removing the picture in a few days anyways. It beats cutting sheetrock ;) Hopefully I won't hear the message "mouse activity detected" ever again.
So who will I talk to on weekend chat nights now that you are going to get more sleep without those mice running around in your walls?

Glad you finally got these critters!

BTW, I will post some more "How too's" hopefully during the week (got busy during the weekend).