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Home automation designer/installer


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Any recommendations on someone in the Houston area (actually, south about 50 miles) that can design and install a home security and automation system (also including all the low voltage stuff like TV, home network, phones, etc.) for a house under construction? I planned on doing it myself (at least the design), but I have a serious case of analysis paralysis. Not looking for anything fancy to start with. I have an Elk M1G panel and various add-ons that I would like to be the foundation of the system, but otherwise I'm very open to suggestions. 
HVAC rough-in is almost complete. Plumbing rough-in will probably start in a week. HA, security, etc. rough-in probably needs to start in about 30 days.


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I don't know how I missed this post originally.  Leave it to a SPAM poster to bring it to my attention.
Any updates?  Were you able to find an installer?  I started to leave a post, but then realized we are well outside of your timeline and therefore probably past the point of a solution.