Home Automation "email client"


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There are lots of devices that can send alerts via emails. Are there any HA systems (Hubitat/Home Assistant/CQC/M1G?) that can receive, decipher, and act upon these emails? Seems to me that it would be useful to have all of these alerts go to an email address specifically set up to receive them that can be read by some HA controller, which can decipher it and take some action based on the email.

For example, I use a Temp Stick (WiFi device) to monitor my freezer's temperature. It can send email alerts and text messages when the temperature exceeds a specified level. I think it would be useful if a HA controller can capture those emails and do something instead of me getting another email or text message. In many cases, like this one, maybe I end up getting an email or text message, but it would come from the controller instead of the device.

To be clear, I'm not talking about the controller sending email notifications. I think they all do that. I want the controller to view the emails as an input/sensor that it can act on so that I can consolidate all these emails coming from device apps to a central controller.