Home Automation Software


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I have not seen a poll like this so far so I thought I would try to find out, With all of the software packages available for home automation, I am currious to see what people are using.

Cocoon Tech seems like a great place to do this, as it in unbiased. Of course of you post a poll like this on Home Seer's site, the results would be biased to say the least :)

The main ones that come to mind are Home Seer, HAL, Mister House & Active Home. What are the other software options that people are using to Automate their homes? When enough people reply to this, I would like to take the input from this thread, and create a poll to get an idea of the percentage of use for each software sollution.

Does this sound like something that would be interesting to know?
MainLobby 3 / MainLobby Server 3 with some services still done within Homeseer via the MLHSPlugin.
I was actually going to setup a poll for this in the next few days, guess you beat me to it :)

EDIT: It would be good to put that "primarily" word in there, just like the mega-poll, so we can see what folks are relying on first&foremost for HA. I know many folks have multiple packages, but I gotta believe one of them is more important than the other.