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HomeSeer Screen Shots

Glad to see all of you guys are alive today! Just thought id let you know that Tinker posted screen shots finally after i had buged him enough. Enjoy!

P.S. If you feel that HS could use a face lift make sure you tell Rick and Rich over at homeseer. I think they need to contract or hire a graphic artist to give their program a new modern look.
I would post this on the "other " board, but it might ...go away.... :)

Will the ini file from HS1.7 be compatible with HS2, or will there be a converter, or will EVERYONE be starting from scratch?
Good Question. I personally wouldnt mind starting from scratch but if its not needed then why do it. Now there are others that wouldnt be able to recreat everything simply because they have to much going on.
I offered my services... I am not a graphic artist buy I have been doing web user interface design for many years now (since 96).

I sent Rick a couple sketches a couple months ago...he never said no...but I think they were too deep into the HS2 redesign.

Since HS2 will fully support ASP.NET, I think I will build my own interface and market it as an add on.
I saw your posts regarding a new GUI for HS 2.0. Have you tried MainLobby and the MLHSPlugin? Have you seen some of the screen shots that gregoryx, bago, BSR and JRFuda have posted in the past?
If you want to wow your visitors, not much better than ML for wow factor.

If you need help with the integration or ML issues, let me know. glad to help.
David i have not seen the ML plugin screen shots can you post a link to them?

Pat i hope you are going to market your UI as being free to cocooners :)