HomePro adds Thermostat


Has anyone contacted you yet about stocking these thermostats? Any idea what the price of one is going to be? I couldnt find any technical documention on it yet but i did e-mail the guy who sent me the e-mail asking hime for more information. This is one of the biggest things that i have been waiting for. I'm sure its gonna cost me an arm and a leg but it will probably be worth it.
hey Squintz, in your next email to them, can you mention to them that they can forward press releases/product announcements to the press address Thanks!
Thanks Squintz,

I know Tom and spoke to him even last week and he didn't mention it. I just sent him a message. I'll keep you posted.

I haven't heard from Tom yet but I talked to someone else that told me that they they won't be available until Jan/Feb and pricing for them hasn't been established yet.