HomeSeer 2.0 Documentation


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HomeSeer has released their HomeSeer 2.0 Help Documentation which covers just about everything you can think of. Its a complete news help file with a ton of new information and lots of screen shots, so be sure to check it out.

View the HS2.0 Docs Here
I'm glad they've posted this so that we can all start to take a look.

I have found one thing in the documentation that directly contradicts what I expect in HS2.0. I'm assuming it's just something that needs to be updated from the HS1.x documentation.
Smee, What did you find and did you contact HS about it?

Nope, it only means that we buged them enough that they let us see it. Although it is getting closer to being public beta I dont think thats why they released the docs. It was just out of the kindness of their hearts.

I really like the HS Phone interface and the administrative access feature. I can restrict my kids and wife from changing the events but at the same time allow them to log onto the internet to check our messages. Very Cool Stuff!
Squintz said:
Smee, What did you find and did you contact HS about it?
I'm not going to bother them with it now. I'll assume that it is a documentation error. The documentation contradicts information that I got directly from them.
Please let us and/or HST know of the error. We don't need more mis-information about HS2 floating around.
That phone interface is Jeff Farmers phone web integrated directly into the new HS 2.0 so if your used to that you should like it. For the ones that paid for it I feel for you.

I'm sure you will find a lot of errors in the help files because they are the HS 1.x files re-edited.
Yep! I have a feeling that a lot will cost extra before the HS 2.0 upgrade is complete. I personally still HATE the web interface to HS 1.7 and 2.0 so I think I may stay where I am. I'm also just too dang lazy to move it all over. I would never attempt to run both on my "production" system and move stuff over. There are simply too many things to move and port. I may have to buy a new machine and run them both and slowly move things over but that's a pain in itself not to mention the cost of a new machine and all of the hidden upgrade costs. My current install just runs too smooth and I really do not want to mess with it.
I dont see any reason for you to mess with it rupp as long as your happy. I'm still in the young stages of my setup so transfering will be very simple and I have a feeling that the better plugins are still to come since the .net interface opens up a whole new world of options including better performance and eventually the ability to run HomeSeer on a differnt OS like Linux or even a Mac.
I have both my old 1.7 and 2.0 HS setups on one PC. I run a plugin registration bat file to switch between the two. Though I gotta admit I haven't gone back to 1.7 in months.

You should be able to install 2.0 right over the top of 1.7 (after backing up of course...) and things for the most part should work. Of course that is a generalization.

I don't have two complete sets of hardware to run 1.7 and 2.0 on independent PCs.