Homeseer 2.0 public beta coming VERY soon!


Staff member
The first public beta of Homeseer 2.0 will be released in the next few days, assuming no complications arise. Since many of you have been looking forward to this, I decided to post about it. More details soon!
Perhaps we could dedicate a forum or thread for people to post their experiences with HS 2.0 so they don't become scattered, thus making it easy for members to see this valuable information.
Where did he say that? I believe you guys so please don't think I'm questioning you, but I like to read stuff for myself.
Yes Rick did state this, but Squintz your right, those posts about it being available now are annoying to me because it creates confusion in an already confusing environment.
Well, no worries now as it is out. I just downloaded and am installing as we speak. I just love a good beta! :D