HomeSeer 2 and the HA22 Z-Wave interface?


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Hi all,

I have an existing Z-Wave home lighting system and have recently purchased 'HomeSeer 2' and a 'Z-Troller' serial interface.

I am curious if anyone has been able to install the HA22 USB stick drivers on a HA22 not purchased from HomeSeer. I have a ThinkEssentials HA22 that I am playing with while waiting for the 'Z-Troller'. I have tried the HS automatic update thing several times and still do not have the HA22 listed in the interfaces->Z-Wave window. Is this a case of 'I would need to purchase a HA22 from HomeSeer in order to get the drivers'?

This is not a big deal, I am just curious. I like to experiment. I do plan to use the Z-Troller with HS2.

By the way, the ThinkEssentials control software is excellent. I have used HomeSeer back in my X10 days and miss all of the extra features. I still use a few INSTEON/X10 devices, and that makes HomeSeer a big plus for me.

You can use any HA22 with HomeSeer. Just download the drivers via the HomeSeer updater and it should work.
Just FYI, I tried that, and it did not work. Again. this is not a big deal.

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Sorry folks, I should probably have posted this in the HS support forum.

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The HA22 should work with any Z-Wave Certified software designed for it. If you have it working with ThinkEssentials and/or the Z-Wave PC SDK it sounds like the USB stick is good to go.

Are you running Vista by any chance? If so, is it possible that the vendor you're working with hasn't updated their software yet to work with the driver nuances of Vista? I have heard of programmers having to do some work to live in the new (more secure) framework.

P.S. Thanks for the nice feedback :)

Hi again,

FYI, I am running Win XP SP2.

No Worry about this, I will figure it out. I am guessing that maybe I am one of the first people to try it.

The Z-Troller came in as I was writing. I am starting a work week but I will fill in any info as I can gather it.


Don't know if it improved any with their vers. 2 and onwards, but I tried vers. 1.7 with the HA22 plug-in(new ones too) and I could never get a the PC to see the plug-in reliably. I have XP with the sp 2 as well and run that PC just for HA and to run control software for some radios. It would sometimes "see" the plug-in but often as not would not see it on startup. Sometimes it would see it and load the right number of nodes in the network, and then would not allow me to transfer them to the HS software so I could control the devices.

Hope they worked it out for vers. 2 but I wasn't happy with 1.7 at all. ThinkEssentials DOES load it reliably, I'm just waiting for Chris to add that sunrise/sunset Offset I've pestered him about :) then I'll just let it run instead of the Intermatic "master".

Now as a "Mac Guy" mostly, I keep hoping for Indigo to add Z-Wave support, but so far no joy on that request...


P.S., let us know how the Z-Troller works out :)
Hi KenM,

FYI - We never added support for the HA22 to HomeSeer v1.7 (HS1), so that may explain your problems. The HA22 works nicely with HS2 however and the drivers on our site will get it up and running.

HOWEVER... if you have a Z-Troller on the way, you can leave the HA22 in the drawer. Once you get up and running with the Z-Troller, I doubt you'll have the need to look back!

If you have any additional questions about running HS2 on Z-Wave, please feel free to post them directly on our message board.


Also, be aware that the standard HA22 offers some nice additional features--like the ability to get real-time alerts from in-wall scene controllers.

When you use the HA22, keep in mind that it installs a virutal COM port. So you need to go into your device manager and see what COM port its on, then set HS to "COM Port" for the Z-Wave interface and enter the proper COM port #.

The Z-Troller has many more features than the HA22 as the HA22 has only basic firmware on it. We have added more capabilities that make it easier to diagnose and install your Z-Wave hardware. See the features of our Z-Seer software for more information.

We have added support for the new ViziaRF scene controllers, so they are fully supported.

Rich Helmke
HomeSeer Technologies LLC
rjh said:
When you use the HA22, keep in mind that it installs a virutal COM port. So you need to go into your device manager and see what COM port its on, then set HS to "COM Port" for the Z-Wave interface and enter the proper COM port #.
That would probably explain my problem, I was looking for something that said 'HA22'.

Thanks for the info. I didn't mean to open up a Z-Troller vs HA22 debate. I expect that each has a feature or two that the other may not. It would be nice to see a side by side feature chart though. I still have a laptop happily using a HA22. :)


That's a nice chart. There are a few small things there you may want to fix though...

Supports node rediscovery: yes
Supports removal of dead nodes: yes

Mark: Good point about the disclaimer; I missed that.

While we don't make or specifically endorse Intermatic's HA22, there are a few important differentiating features there too:
* USB device, does not require adapter for modern PCs
* Auto-detected: no COM port configuration required
* USB bus-powered: no batteries or AC adapter required
* Six-year warranty from a 100+ year-old company
* Full 2-way routing support (important for SCENE functionality)
* Z-Wave Certified solution (see HA23 instructions for details)
* ~$40 (street price)

Wayne-Dalton's new USB stick looks very promising as well.


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