Homeseer HS2 / <acronym title='HomeSeer'>HS</acronym>.geturl / windows XP problem


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Actually the problem is weatherxML quit working for me recently because Homeseer's weatherXML plugin stopped working because weatherunderground's API is no longer supported. So I am trying to get some of the weather info I used to get from there from other sources. I can find the sources (webpages/RSS/XML feeds) but can't download and parse the information I need because they are HTPPS sites and I keep getting an error message when I try to access them with hs.geturl. The error message I get is "The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.".
Any ideas on a workaround for this? Yeah, I know I'm way behind with HS2 running on Windows XP. but but, hey it works.... and I gave up on HS3 long ago because of the number of custom scripts I have to keep things running the way I want.
What's HS2?  :blush:
Seriously though... might be a good time to re-examine HS3 again. At least, you'd be able to get some support on WeatherXML again.
Yes here been using WeatherXML now on Homeseer 3 since the beginning of HS3.  The GetURL issue had surfaced some time in the middle of Homeseer 2.
I use a Davis weather station for my on demand weather and did utilize Weather Underground for a long time.  I did quit using WeatherUnderground when they became too commercial way long time ago.  I went to using NOAA (but it was a mess with personal stations never removed at the time).
Today on my laptops use HS3 stuff and weather from Dark Sky or OpenWeather.
BTW Jeff Farmer (WeatherXML) keeps updating WeatherXML (for HS3) and the plugin is working great these days.