HomeSeer Insteon Plug-in


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I posted this on the HomeSeer forum as well but since it's late and I'm impatient ... :D

I just installed my first set of Insteon Devices and am trying to get them working with HomeSeer. The two I am starting with are a relay and a dimmer both in the same dual gang box (both Icon). The relay controls the ceiling fan and the dimmer the light on the fan.

I have both devices set up and operable via a ControlLinc and they work fine. Also, PowerHome recognizes both devices in its "auto discover" mode.

When I go to add the devices in HomeSeer, the ceiling fan (relay) works great, shows up in HomeSeer as a device, etc. But the dimmer (light) says it does not respond given the address I put in. I have verified the address multiple times (and since PowerHome auto-detects the address I know it's corrrect.)

Any ideas?

I think this is a "known issue" with the current HS plugin. I have the exact same issue with about four INSTEON devices. At first I thought it was a line noise issue but it appears to be something with the way the plug-in detects devices. Like you, PowerHome has no problems seeing the devices.
I got some responses on the HomeSeer forum and upgraded to SDM 152 and Beta .10 of the plug-in and was able to see the devices. I did find that for a couple of them I had to try several times.