HomeSeer Message Board move on Nov 5th


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From the HomeSeer Message Board
Friday, October 29, 2004:

Due to the size of the current HomeSeer Message Board, we need to move the content to a new system. We have installed a new message board on our own dedicated server. This new board offers faster response, more features such as private messaging, RSS feed, and much more. Very Important! Please Read! In order to make this move go smoothly we are asking that you please update your account email address to a valid email address. If you do not do this, you will not be able to log into the new board. Account passwords from this board cannot be moved. When you log into the new board you will need to enter you account password and a new password will be emailed to you. Note that you need to update your Account Password and not your Display Password on the current board. To do this: 1) Select GO then MySpace, then Profile 2) Click on the View/Edit Complete Profile link on the right side of the screen 3) Check the box Change Account Email? 4) Change your email to a valid email address You will need this email address on the new board. If you want to see what the new board looks like, you can view it here: NOTE: Any posts made to this board will be deleted when we do the complete import on Nov 5th. Also, if you edit your profile on the new board, this profile will be overwritten during the import process on the 5th. I hope everyone will enjoy all the features and performance this new board will offer us! If you no longer wish to participate in our message board then do nothing. Your account will be deleted automatically. You can always create a new account in the future. You can log into our current message board here to change your email address: Regards, and thank you for participating in our forums. HomeSeer Technologies LLC