Homeseer Message Site

Its dead due to the fact that they are updating their message board. It should be back up soon. He said his expected down time was 15 mins but it seems like hes running into some other problems. Hope its back up soon myself.
Rich Helmke (HomeSeer Tech)
HomeSeer Guru
posted Tue, 16 March 2004 09:35 AM
On Mar 17th the message board will be upgraded to Infopop's new "Eve" platform. This should not affect the operation of the board, but please be aware of the change. The board may be down for about 15 minutes while the change over occurs. This upgrade will give us some new features like live chat rooms and more. See the Infopop products page for details.


I suspect that InfoPoop is having problems or underestimated the size of the MB.
Gee, we start talking about it and it comes back up. I don't recall when it went down, but i think it was well over an hour.