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I am thinking of installing Homeseer in a location that will not have Internet access. There will be no phone so not even dial up will be available. What I'm worried about is how to do updates on a system like this that won't have access to the online updater thingy. I can buy the initial install on CD but how do I get CD updates and what is the proceedure to install them?
Which version. I think Jeff outlined a process in the EOL for HS 1.7 describing how to manually install plugins. This same procedure could be used at a remote install.
I would put in a help ticket on this because I would say load the plugin on a machine that is connected and then copy the install files to a CD but the license files that get downloaded might cause a problem with this.
The process is pretty similiar for HS 2.
I just went though this when testing the install for something I was sending in to be put in the updater.

You could download the zip files and then take them with you.
You would also want to take a copy of the last_update.txt file.

Here is an example using the Touchpad plugin.

1. Close HomeSeer
2. Place the files in this folder: HomeSeer\updates2\zips
3. In the folder: HomeSeer\updates2
there is a file named last_update.txt
Look in the file for the line that describes the plugins/scripts you want to install.
In the case of Touchpad it looks like this:
TouchPad Interface, hspi_touchpad.ocx, ,, 7, 1,,/updates2,, 4, Free, HomeSeer Tech, N/A, Plug-In.gif, TouchPad.htm,,

4. Copy that line into a new txt file and name it: pending.txt
5. Start HomeSeer

At this point it will proceed to install all the updates that are in the pending file.

There shouldn't be a problem with the licenses.
On the Interfaces tab under setup you can click on Manual rather than Online.

When you click Manual you get a message on how to activate the plugin for computers that don't have access to the internet.
Usually an update to HomeSeer is done with an exe file. So you would download it, take it with you and just run it.
AutomatedOutlet said:

Can HS be installed and the license verified without internet access?
Thanks for the heads-up on this Martin. My research tends to support that this is a problem (and nobody has stepped forward to say that it is not). I guess I'll plan to use ECS to be safe.

Hopefully we'll hear from Rupp on this but I suspect that you do need the access to register the SW.

One workaround though might be to take the machine somewhere that has internet access, register it, and then move it to it's final destination.
Yes you can install HS 2.x without internet access. There's a manual registration option (once you launch HS) that produces codes to send to HomeSeer and they will mail you back your license files.