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I am running Homeseer on a Pentium IV 2.4 Gig PC with over 700Megs of RAM.

I find that when the PC is running things simultaneously (i.e. Door is opened requiring a voice notification at the same time a web page is being parsed for a weather program), there is a delay in speaking until the other script has completed. Being that my PC is fairly powered well (I think), what multi-tasking issues are happening here?
Patiences guys. I'm not to sure you want it quite yet. There are still quite a few minor bugs that released to the public would cause a giant avalanche against Rick and Rich. It's coming along but there are only 2 guys working the issues. Also keep in mind that they still have 1.7 issues to help with as well. I'm glad I'm not in their shoes. That's a load to handle.
Yeah.... like they actually respond to help for 1.7
It is still unstable as it ever was, crashing every week or so.

Fact remains... ya don't announce that something will be ready in January, and still not release it in April.

Will I buy it? Yes. Am I the least bit happy with HST... No.
They (Tink (Mr. arrogance)) have (has) dropped the ball one too many times.

EDIT: I should add that Rich has always been very helpful.
Ski, your 1.7 is unstable? The only time mine got unstable is when I messed with it in the wrong way. 310 devices and 180 events and the majority of plugins offered running 24x7.

The announcement and launch delay seems to be a fact of life for the software industry, especially with small companys (and Microsoft). The other software companys are on time because they don't publish teasers until they are at least in beta with some results back.

I don't think 2.0 is too far off. The issues are getting handled with each beta release. There's a few scripts that will need some work, but the great majority are running fine.
Hi David

Yes, unstable... as is Jon00's as well as quite a few others. The only time that the machine crashes is right after HS tries to do something. I replaced all the hardware devices, and still the same thing.

Hopefully 2.0 in 2006 will help. :p
I know it doesn't help but I'm on day15 with absolutely no problems what so ever. I will admit that I'm at the point of being afraid to do a lot of tinkering though. I believe the advent of plugins are great but I also believe that they offer a lot of room for the type of problems that many are seeing.
I rarely have HS or my server crash. Not everything works like it's suppose to 100% of the time, but I rarely get true CRASH,lockup, etc.
I think maybe Rupp is on to something. My Homeseer setup is VERY stable, will run for weeks with no problems. The only time I reboot is when I change something (interface setting) or a windows/antivirus update requires it.

I'm running the latest version with ONLY the Caddx, MLHSPlugin (Main Lobby), ADIOcelot, and WAFNetCallerID plugins. I also use the AT&T voices and have an MR26a (so I use that driver as well).

I don't really have any complicated scripting (into the many tens of lines) but do have a lot of events. (My Ocelot handles most of the required logic needed). I also rarely use the web interface (Main Lobby handles the remote needs).

I have a dedicated Homeseer server running on an AMD TBird 1.33 GHZ (266 FSB), 512 MB DDR Ram, on an old Epox EP-8K7A mobo (using on-board sound). I am also running WebCamXP (old version) with an ATI TV Wonder capture card. For what its worth my video card is an old nVidia GForce 3 and I use an Edgeport 8 USB to eight serial port expander box.

Not sure if that helps any, might give you something to compare to?
I can go up to 3 weeks without a crash.
Or it can be 2 in a day. It seems to be related to guests on the web interface.

If you know me, you KNOW that I am not using 3rd party plug-ins... :)

I have all the evidence that I need for me to know that the issue is HS. (Which is all that counts) Hopefully 2.0 in 2006 will resolve these continuing issues. :blink:
Sure there is.. everytime the computer reboots, there is a log entry showing that it was HS that was doing something or another. I have had Rich look at the logs, and even send me a few test builds. I actually thought we were getting somewhere, then along came Rick, and my requests for support were no longer answered. My workaround is to set the computer to autostart everything I need, so when it reboots, I am good to go.
Is it only guests on the web interface? Or can you cause problems by you logging in also?