HomeSeer Unveils "MyHomeSeer-Connect"


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Bedford, NH – HomeSeer Technologies announces the release of its new remote access service, “MyHomeSeer-Connect”. The new service simplifies the process of setting up remote internet connections to monitor and control lighting, security, HVAC, irrigation and audio/video systems in HomeSeer-enabled homes. The new service is specifically designed for homeowners with standard DSL, cable and dial-up internet connections and should be compatible with all internet service providers.

HomeSeer was the first home automation software company to tap into the power of the internet in 1998, enabling users to monitor and control their homes from anywhere in the world. “Back then, very few people had broadband internet access and those who did often had backgrounds in technology. For them, high-tech setup issues weren’t a big problem”, states Mark Colegrove, director of sales for HomeSeer. “However, today’s internet users are mainstream folks who don’t have the time, energy or patience for complicated computer issues. MyHomeSeer-Connect was designed with them in mind!”

HomeSeer Homeowners can choose their own unique MyHomeSeer-Connect online identity and can purchase and enable the service in just a few minutes with a couple of mouse clicks. Cost for the service is just $19.95 per year; less than $2/month. Users must have the latest version of HomeSeer software installed and (of course) an internet connection.

MyHomeSeer-Connect service is now available at

For the past nine years, HomeSeer Technologies has been creating some of the most popular and robust automation systems available. HomeSeer Technologies’ software and hardware controllers have been installed in over 10,000+ residential and commercial sites. HomeSeer has won numerous awards including TechTV’s Best of CES, HomeAutomation top 50, TechLiving’s HOT LIST, and was recently selected as a central integration component in all episodes of the hit FOX TV show “Renovate My Family”. HomeSeer Technologies web site is

About HomeSeer Technologies
HomeSeer Technologies is a leading provider of home control software based in Bedford New Hampshire. Our software and hardware controllers give users the ability to integrate and automate everything in their home. Our control extends to lighting, appliances, HVAC, irrigation and audio/video devices using Z-Wave, UPB, INSTEON, Infrared and RFID technologies from leading manufacturers such as Lutron, Leviton, Intermatic, DSC, GE, Russound and Monster Cable. Our software and controllers are IP enabled, giving users remote access to their homes from anywhere in the world. Visit for more information.

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I see. Not a bad idea. I am not a fan of using subdomains tho. Do they offer the ability to use your own domain name?
If you already have a domain, just add a DNS A record to your local IP. (Mine here only changes once a year or so, so I just update when necessary.)
Squintz said:
So are they just offering the same service as and other similar companies?
The same, but not free... :D

I suppose it is a viable option for those of us that are internet challenged. I really don't see too many HS users that fit this description...
WayneW said:
So this is really just a dyndns plug-in with an annual fee?
Actually I do not know what dyndns is so I can't answer this but if dyndns is an auto ip updating service then yes it's probably the same.
From closely reading the descriptions, it appears to be exactly that. However, I know it won't work with my ISP, since they control the firewall and router, and don't let any connections in from the outside. So MidMaine Communications is the exception to the rule they quote (lucky me).